Get Plastered Responsibly! This means using earth-friendly and time-tested products, custom-tintable and easy-to-use decorative wall products.

PlasterCenter proudly stocks all Hirshfield's paint products which are Eco-friendly and made in Minnesota. We are proud to be the top provider of color development in tinted plasters. PlasterCenter provides a long list of specialty products as a part of the top-notch services that you won't find anywhere else in the world. We boast the BIGGEST selection of tinted metallic plasters, exclusive hands-on training programs with world-renowned experts and a dedicated focus on earth-friendly materials.


cottage paint

A product that takes all the qualities of Milk paint, chalk paint and clay paint combining them into an easy to use, no fuss medium. Available in both a "ready to use" color range for the craft painted furniture stores and normal paint bases for stores that can tint 1000’s of colors


moirÉ wild silk

Moiré is a coating that has the aspect of wild silk. Its ease of application is its strongest point that makes it accessible to everyone. It is washable and resistant, which makes it ideal for the bathroom and kitchen. By making two tintable bases, it reduces inventory while maximizing colour choice.


Lime products

A series of lime based plaster and limewash that surpasses imports in quality. These products are designed to apply to drywall inside, and limewash for inside and out. The primer bonds to all surfaces for durability. Venetiano can be colored with universal tints. The limewash should be colored with oxides. 



MetalTech is a new idea on metallic paint. It rolls without lines, covers in two coats and is washable. What is remarkable is it can be tinted with normal universal colorants, which means 3 bases make a 1000 tones of metal. 24 basic formulas and hundreds more with custom tinting at a reasonable price.


Stone finishes

Finally! A product that can simulate stone so real that its indistinguishable from the real thing. Read to use , washable, no need to seal it. It allows glazing for dramatic effects. It can be rolled, troweled or sprayed then flattened. Use tools to leave pits that resemble stone. This can be used in both interior/exterior environments.


Waxes, Soaps & Sealers

Texturtop waxes, Moroccan olive oil soap and Cera liquid wax (natural bee's wax)


Crackle base

The best crackle medium for paint and plaster: Texturline AquaGlass


MIlk Paint

100% VOC free natural milk protein-based paint. Add a binding agent for complete coverage or use 'as is' on prefinished furniture pieces for a wonderful 'chippy' look reminiscent of old farmhouse pieces.



Carolina Sandstone

Carolina Sandstone is an interior plaster that resembles Marmorino or natural limestone. Its ease of application allows both roller and trowel application. The later is a good candidate for cracked plaster finishes. Carolina Sandstone can be colored with universal colorants and stained or washed with stonewash pigments.



Sealers and undercoat designed to maximize the spread of plasters. Sharktooth undercoat and TEXPRIME TEXTURED DRYWALL SEALER



Stonewash is a powdered pigment in 15 intermizable colours that are UV stable and very easy to use. Just add water and colour or patina any Texturline plaster and metal paint or topcoat wax. Stonewash pigments come in 16oz. jars and when diluted with water can be used over plaster to produce a washed finish.



Texturbase is a premium structuring medium that has the capacity and versatility to simulate any type of finish. Those include Venetian plaster, Stucco Antico, antique plaster, relief effects, washed smooth stone, in any colour available on paint chips.


Texturglaze Extender

Texturglaze is sold in two forms: an additive for latex paint that extends wet edge for up to 2 hours; and a stand alone glaze. The later is colored with universal colour and dries to a satin sheen level. Both are fully washable.


Zero Gloss Varnish

The best and most transparent dead flat varnish available.



Assorted trowels


Plaster Accessories

Densifier Plaster Additive, Marble Powder Fine, Salt and Pepper Sand


Product Samples

Due to computer screen display variations, it is HIGHLY recommended customers order a color chip, full color deck or wet sample to know the true shade of the product being ordered. For true shades in the Colors by Drew Texturline Moire' color line: 1. Order complimentary color chip. 2. Order full handmade Colors by Drew Texturline Moire' color deck $20. 3. Order 6oz wet sample for $10. For true shades in the Colors by Drew Texturglaze color line: 1. Order complimentary color chip (limit five (5) complimentary chips per customer). 2. Order 2oz wet sample for $3.



We have sold blue steel spatulas for 20 years and they are now the standard in faux finishing for Venetian plaster without leaving carbon traces. Sold in assorted sizes of 5" from 6",4",3",2" & 1" to cover all needs.

Our box of 29 sampling cards is the most economical way to create a unique finish.


Intonaco plaster

Eco-Friendly, Healthy and Versatile

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The Upper Midwest Premier Novacolor Distributor

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